The 2017 ACT Experience will take place April 25-27, 2017 at the Magazine Innovation Center, located at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media on the campus of the University of Mississippi. This year's theme is Magazines Matter, Print Matters.

In the spring of 2017, as the earth is celebrating her rebirth; ACT 7 will be having a celebration of its own on the power of magazines and the power of print in a digital age. The Experience will be divided into three main mini themes:

Celebration of Magazine Launches

At the first theme, Celebrating Magazine Launches, we will have panels with panelists and speakers who are going to celebrate their new magazine launches by telling us the story of the launch; the positives and the negatives and the impact of the publication. And we will also have a section for people who want to start a magazine. We will have panels on printing, production, paper; anything related to the print process. During this segment I will take the audience through a memory lane trip showing some amazing magazine launches throughout history.

Magazine Reach and Power

The second theme of the conference is Magazine Reach and Power. This is a segment of the Experience that will focus on making money in print and what people are doing today to ensure that the revenue streams continue, whether it's from circulation or advertising. Magazine Reach and Power is going to be a combination of the different ways and means by which people can still generate revenue from print, whether it is advertising in established magazines; advertising in new magazines, or bookazines and how those publications are making money.

Magazine Distribution 2020

The third and very important theme of the ACT 7 Experience is imagining magazine distribution and the newsstands in 2020. Magazine distribution in all categories, mail, digital and the newsstands, has been facing challenges to say the least. We will examine the old ways, the new ways, what is working and what is not. This segment will offer solutions regarding magazine distribution from every sector of the industry. We know the questions, now it is time to find the answers.

As in previous years, the ACT 7 Experience is going to be more of a think-and-do. We're going to have a multitude of roundtables and discussions. We're limiting the number of speakers to enhance the actual experience in terms of the discussions that are going to take place. Our goal is to come up with solutions.

We are limiting the number of attendees to 100, in addition to the speakers and the students who are going to be a part of the Experience. Each one of the speakers and sponsors will have a student who will individually shadow them during the entire conference.

As usual we will also go and enjoy a trip to the inimitable Mississippi Delta on the second night of the Experience and sample the rich musical and palate-pleasing heritage that is the magical Mississippi Delta. And of course, have a lot of fun in the process.

To all of my fellow magazine enthusiasts; to all the magazine makers; to all the lovers of the printed word and those passionate about this art form called magazine making; we at the Magazine Innovation Center need your help. Without your support and sponsorships we could not and cannot continue to do what we are doing, amplifying the power of print in this digital age; it would be impossible. I deeply appreciate all of the support you have given the Magazine Innovation Center and me personally in previous years, as I do all I can to preserve and propel the medium that we all irrefutably love into the future. Now I'm asking for a renewal of that support.

Some of you have already committed sponsorships for the different events at the Magazine Innovation Center and some I'm still awaiting a response. For those who haven't committed yet, here are the four opportunities available to you for sponsorship levels and I urge you to commit today due to the financial restrictions and difficulties that we at the Magazine Innovation Center are facing. Depending upon your support is crucial to the ongoing efforts that are being conducted here and I appeal to you to support us at the highest level you possibly can.

Sponsorship Amount
Leadership $25,000
Diamond $15,000
Platinum $10,000
Silver $7,500

Each of these sponsorships will help to continue our work here at the Magazine Innovation Center, assisting with student scholarships and the ACT 7 Experience. Please select the level that best suits you at this time and let me know as soon as possible, so we can reserve your spot on the ACT 7 sponsorship roster and add your support to our endeavors at the Magazine Innovation Center. Please know how deeply appreciated and needed it is for the continued amplification of our beloved print platform.

For any questions about the different levels of sponsorship, contact Samir Husni - Samir Husni or 1-662-832-6247 (mobile).

Register For ACT 7

Registration for ACT will be limited, so do not wait. The cost of ONLY $395 includes all meals and the trip to the Delta. In addition, the Inn at Ole Miss is offering the following special rates to ACT attendees:

Accommodations Rate
Standard Accommodation $99
Deluxe Accommodation $119
Visit theinnatolemiss.com to reserve a room.

To register, fill out the short form below. Feel free to include any questions you may have in the comments field.

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